Embracing Grace in Rejection

What is grace? Well, from a personal perspective, grace is a refinement of character and goodwill towards others. When we interact with people in a way that is highly refined, and when we treat others in a way that brings them insight and joy, we are displaying the characteristics of grace.


From God’s perspective, grace is His edification of us and the blessings He bestows upon us daily. God bestows His grace upon us by dealing with us in a way that will best move us along our path, as well as bestowing abundant blessings upon us that fill our lives with happiness and meaning.


Let me tell you about the power of your own personal grace, as well as the power of the grace God bestows, when it comes to dealing with rejection.


First—when it comes to rejection—know that your own value is priceless. Despite any hardships or shortcomings that you may be facing, it is of utmost importance that you recognize just how much you’re worth! Just because someone rejects you or you do not immediately achieve a goal that you have set, does not mean the game is over! To overcome and succeed, especially when dealing with rejection, it is crucial that we apply personal grace as well as bask in the bestowed grace of God.


When you face rejection, knowing your personal worth is the first bulwark in your defenses against negative feelings or being discouraged. Think about this: God created you, one of billions of people alive today, as a wholly unique and integral part of his plan for humanity. With this in mind, go forth with the confidence that no matter what happens there is a plan for you, and you are loved by the Creator. Armed with our sense of personal worth, we then rest upon our application of personal grace and on the grace of God that we receive in abundance.


Rejection by another or failure in immediately reaching a goal does not reflect on our own value or purpose. When we realize that our path has been precisely guided by God to serve the purpose of our life, we can have the confidence that any rejection we encounter is further preparation by Him for our victory. And, when we realize that it is by our own grace and the grace of God that we endure and prevail, we find ourselves filled more and more with this awesome power that none can withstand.


Do not expect rejection but be prepared for it. This is important, as expecting rejection can throw one into a state of insecurity. Go forward with confidence that your Creator has a powerful plan for your life. If you encounter rejection go into your quiet place, and when you have been strengthened, bestow grace onto others as God bestows grace onto you. This will always enable you to pull yourself from any negative feelings that rejection brings. And, relying on the power of grace will allow you to not only bounce back immediately, but it will also give you the strength to propel much further than you ever could before!


So, keep the power of grace with you as you go about your day-to-day life. Your high caliber interactions with others from such a place in your heart, as well as the love you will spread as you live your life, will be viral in nature and affect all areas of your life. Do not allow any rejection you encounter along the way to discourage you. Whether that rejection be from loved ones, business associates, or even from your own self: keep in mind that the power of your own grace, along with the power of God’s grace, is sufficient to take you anywhere you want to go and bring you the happiness you deserve.

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