Are You Ready to “Never Again Settle for Less?”
    With her mother dead, her father in jail, and a series of abusive boyfriends: Kesha
    had every reason to end up just another statistic. What made the difference in
    Kesha’s life? What changed her from a girl who never saw herself as worthy to a
    woman who would never settle for less? This is a story of faith in God and the love
    of a grandmother for a very special girl. Never Settle for Less is an inspirational
    book about how love, prayer, and faith in God helped one woman overcome the many
    obstacles in her life and learn to never settle for less. “I was in captivity to the words
    ‘stupid, dumb, slow, retarded, not good enough, and learning disability. I let those
    words define me as a person” says author Kesha Cox. If you are ready to change
    your life, Never Settle for Less will inspire you to look for more.

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  • You Can’t Stop Greatness

    You Can’t Stop Greatness, by Kesha Cox. is a devotional book that was written to
    share Kesha’s own experiences of
    being tested in her relationship with
    God. Kesha was inspired and encouraged by countless Bible scriptures she read daily
    and decided to write a devotional to help others in the midst of their own
    struggles. “Whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional healing,” says Kesha,
    “I hope this devotional will help you find the grace to live in your purpose. I
    pray it empowers you with the ability to live and love freely.... and to walk in
    the freedom of God’s grace and love for you.”

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Meet the Author

Kesha Cox is an author, motivational speaker, and founder of Never Settle For Less, LLC (NS4L). She is a dynamic motivational speaker and counselor. Mrs. Cox is an entrepreneur and the author of “Never Settle for Less,” and “You Can’t Stop Greatness.” She is the loving wife and ministry partner of Senior Pastor David A. Cox, Pastor of Calvary Christian Fellowship Ministries located in Ewing, New Jersey. Read More.

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